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Aneglkottskompaniet is a practically oriented nisch-architect office in ecodesigned architecture and garden/landscape design. We design and plan, construct but also undertake maintainance and renovation. Our offer includes full range of services from consultancy to design and planning,  construction, supervision, with additional assistance in finding and screening contractors. Our speciality is creative agricultural building reuse/additions and innovative ecologically sound new-builds for private persons with high aesthetic and functional expectations. 

The focus of Angelkott's design is always you. From project idea to ready construction and even after taking over and improving your creation. We don't believe in customers, we rather would like you to be a partner in the design project. Your functional and aesthetical needs are therefore central to the achieved result that is unique and tailor made to fulfill your expectations while meeting the toughest environmental, social and economic requirements.

We believe, that real sustainability is created by ecodesign and long term partnerships. Our approach is low-tech" while "high-knowledge". Our design work is based on the latest 3D-, eco-design- and simulation tools to help you visualise and find an optimal solution. We use the hybrid of both traditional and modern building techniques and natural, renewable materials (e.g. wood, clay, straw, etc.) together with innovative material solutions (e.g. foamglass, fermacell sheet material, träullit, etc.) in our palette.


NO poisons!


Only good old fashioned craftsmanship...

Please contact us for a personal consultation!

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