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No job is too small or too complicated! From the idea of a garden through concept development, planning and construction to garden maintenance, lawn mowing, bush cutting, tree felling or clearing of snow : we provide a full range of landscaping services.




By using the company's own resources and toolkit and our wide range of local subcontractors we can carry out all tasks in landscape construction:

- earth works (manual and with excavator up to 3,5t), drainage and foundations

- hard landscape elements (pergolas, deckings, fences, walls, paved areas, etc.)

- soft landscaping (planting, establishing whole gardens with full range of plants: annuals, perennials, bushes and trees)  



Real Estate 


Ängelkottskompaniet is fully equipped to carry out the full palette of garden maintenance activities such as:

- cutting grass (with lawn mover, garden tractor, trimmers, brush cutters dependent on the job's character)

- maintenance of soft landscaping such as trimming- and moving shrubs, trees, basic plant health care, fertilizing, weeding, etc. 

- maintenance of hard landscaping elements such as deckings (washing, oiling in), structures (painting, renovation, renovating/restauring damaged parts, etc.)

- felling trees (even with removal)

- supervision and managing of properties out of season (summerhouses, holidayhomes, etc.)




From an idea developing through detailed drawings to overseeing construction, Ängelkottskompaniet offers planning and budgeting services both concerning hard-, soft-landscaping.  

Ängelkottskompaniet also offers consultancy services concerning planning, construction and maintenance of gardens.



Snow & Ice

Save Your back! 

In winter we can provide You with a safe, non-slippery snow-free driveway. We use specialised machinery (snow throwers, tractor) as well as manual removal of snow.

We can also clean Your roofs of extensive snow loads or take away hanging and dangerous ice taps, free Your ice-clogged gutters.

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