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Summer Room


More living space -

year around

Place: Uggledal, Göteborg, Sweden

Date: 2018 

Proprietor: Evelina Björnsson

Size: 4,2m x 7,2m h=2-2,6m ca.30m2

Project participation:

- design & planning 

- drawing work & visualisation 

- consultancy

The project was a typical building permit application in connection to consultancy about construction technology and materials. This addition was created to allow the users to enjoy the summer even when the weather is not warm enough to sit outside. This room was designed for three seasons with opportunity for additional short term use in the winter months using extra heating source. The main structural elements of the construction are standard glue-lam. The roof has a light transparent glass cover. Some of the walls are possible to open totally onto a large deck area, thereby seamlessly connecting the indoor and outdoor space. 

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