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Solar Greenhouse


Fresh organic produce ten months of the year

Place: Badger's Creek, Illstorp, Sweden

Date: 2017-2018 

Proprietor: Ängelkottskompaniet

Size: 15m x 5m h=1,9-3,2m ca.75m2

Project participation:

- design & planning 

- drawing work & visualisation 

- construction

The Solar Greenhouse provides an almost year around organic food source to not only for a family but also for outside customers and B&B guest at Badger's Creek. The construction was designed based on Victorian greenhouse designs that were updated with modern low-tech air-heat-exchange technology details acquired from the internet. The main goal was to create a functional tomato and pepper house but with flexibility for a variety of other heat requiring crops such as mini-kiwis, eggplant, cucumbers, etc.. 


A solar greenhouse is a special construction that is operated with no, or only minimal artificial heat input as it is able to save and utilize the power of the sun when needed even in a cold climatic zone. The two parallel ground insulated earth-blocks are warmed up by the sun during the day by both the direct ray and also by the air pushed through the under-ground piping. In the night the circulation is reversed, whereas the heat stored in the ground blocks keep the air of the greenhouse over freezing. 

The building is made with about 85% reused materials, most of the timber, all the glass on the roof, all the windows on the walls and even the bricks and concrete L-elements in the central work-trench are sourced locally either from building reclamation or from internet based trading sites.

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