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A meeting hall

for the Divinya commuinty 

Place: Farstorps, Eslöv, Sweden

Date: 2019 (ongoing)

Proprietor: Divinya, Farstorps Kursgård

Size: d=29m, h=14m ca.660m2

Project participation:

- design related consultancy

- construction technical and material related consultancy

- drawing work & visualisation 

- outsourcing and contact with subcontractors, suppliers

The Divinya Evolutionary Consciousness Center have decided to build a large meeting hall. The building is planned to be of multi-purpose, both working as a large room for gatherings, a lecture hall and also serve as out of season storage facility. The structure is a large span -29m in diameter and 14m high- glue-lam structural element based dome with a 6m diameter oculus on the top. The foundation is foam-crete light weight insulating concrete. In between the columns brick walls are planned to be erected. The roof is isulated with wood-fiber (Hunton) and sheet metal is the outer roof covering. 

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