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Subtropical Orangeri


A year around natural retreat. 

Place: Badger's Creek, Illstorp, Sweden

Date: 2012-2016 

Proprietor: Ängelkottskompaniet

Size: 8m x 5m h=2,5-6m ca.40m2

Project participation:

- design & planning 

- drawing work & visualisation 

- construction

- engineering works (heating, water/sewage, ventilation, etc.)

- decorative work (mosaic, murals, etc.)

The subtropical orangery was inspired by the design and decorations of roman baths. It was designed with a multiple purpose in mind. The main purpose is to provide a functional hot-greenhouse to bring small plug-plants up in the beginning of the season besides producing organic food during the cold months for the B&B guest at Badger's Creek. It is also working as reception area for Ängelkottskompaniet at Badger's Creek and at last it houses a garden-scaped seating area in which a natural indoor infinity pool is situated together with a mini-spa (sauna & jacuzzi). 

The building is situated between a house and workshop and is made with the use of about 80% reused materials, all the timber, all the glass on the roof, all the windows on the walls are reused and reclaimed from other sites within an 80km vicinity. The flooring is a super insulated sandwich element (Harcon) with a concrete slab on top of it. Marble mosaics (reclaimed) decorate the floors. The walls are glass windows and doors, the structural elements are wood (spruce). All interior wall surfaces are stuccoed with gypsum plaster and painted with lime.  

The  building is heated year around through a water based under-floor heating system, ventilation is provided by vents and four doors together with an overhead fan for better air circulation. Humidity is controlled by a dehumidifier during the winter half of the year. 

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