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Door & Window 


Light and access

Place: Farstorps Kursgård, Eslöv, Sweden 

Date: 2019

Proprietor: Divinya 

Size: 3m x 3m 

Project participation:

- design & planning 

- drawing work & visualisation 

- consultancy - material & construction technique

- staff training & construction supervision

This unique one-of-a-kind door & window construction was created in five examples to provide easy access into the T-barn construction planned to house restaurant and lecture hall facilities at Farstorps Kursgård. It also radically improves the light conditions of the building.


The main frame was made from standard construction timber. The corners were strengthened by 90 degree metal fittings for better rigidity. The inner surfaces of the frame were all covered with birch ply. The window panes are gas filled high insulating triple glass windows, installed in between EPDM gummi strips-bedded triangular edging boards for better flexibility around the panes. Furthermore, air-tightness was ensured by using window putty between the panes and the triangular edging boards.

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