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Summer Room, Garage, landscaping


A comfortable year around retreat 

Place: Norra Björstorp, Brösarp, Sweden

Date: 2019-2020 (currently ongoing)

Proprietor: Lennart Skoog

Size: ca.45m2

Project participation:

- design & planning 

- building permits & negotiations with authorities

- drawing work & visualisation 

- consultancy and project management

- demolition

- construction

- garden-landscaping

The project was a full scale development from planning and consultancy through demolition and construction, even including ground works, garden-landscaping. 


Part 1. This summer room addition was created to allow the users to enjoy the summer even when the weather is not warm enough to sit outside. This room was designed for four seasons. The main structural elements of the construction are ecological insulation in wooden stud-framing on a perlite-insulated foundation with a thin underfloor-heating enveloping thin-concrete-slab. The roofing is form pressed metal.  

Part 2. The garage was built to replace a previous garage/storage unit. This structure is also an eco-insulated just as the summer room above and houses a garage and a storage room. 

Part3. The driveway of the property was in bad shape (water collection issues in winter months) therefore the owners decided to have it redone and parallel to this a parking built for two cars including an electric charging station. A new "green" flowers-covered but solid driveways was designed together with a stone-lined water drainage pit.

Part 4. Landscaping and planting was added in form of fruit trees and a hedge to increase seclusion and provide summer fruit. 

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