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Solar Greenhouse


Fresh organic produce ten months of the year

Place: Illstorp, Sweden

Date: 2019 

Proprietor: Mats & Margareta Håkansson 

Size: 3m x 5m 

Project participation:

- consultancy

- design & planning 

- drawing work & visualisation 

- construction 

- landscaping

- installation of fountain/filter

To have a water feature attracting wildlife, a quiet place to retreat to in the summer was the dream of Margareta. This small pond was placed in an enlarged existing hole in the ground just outside the main house. The planting was chosen from local sources and the placement of the pond ensures that it's well shaded thereby not requiring refilling even during the hottest summer months. Locally acquired stones were used in the construction together with a plastic pre-formed pond body and a small combi-filter/fountain pump from Pondteam a company that Ängelkottskompaniet is an official retailer of. The pond was also planted in with "accidentally-falling-in small animals" in mind, where the plant-life and some stones provide a safe clambering out exit for these creatures.

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